More Wellington

First day of classes! I lucked out with a pretty nice schedule. I have class 11:20-1, then lunch, then class 2-3:40. A much better schedule than I had originally anticipated. After a few hours of going over a syllabus, discussing history of Great Britain, and looking into the biogeography of New Zealand, I was free for the day. Today, I headed straight to the first American bar we could find to put on the BCS Championship game. I totally didn’t care at all who won, but it was a good game so that was exciting. We met a few other Americans there; specifically, a guy from Tennessee who lives about 2 hours away from Atlanta. What a small world! 




When the game was over, we grabbed some food on Cuba Street, which is basically the Wellington equivalent of West 7th (Fort Worth) or Peachtree St (Atlanta). Afterwards we made the trek back up to our rooms, which is quite a hike. Especially in flats. But hey, I won’t complain because I got some pretty great pics out of it. 



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